Monday, 13 October 2014

6th October 2014 - Bored.

We woke up late this morning for us so no gym going was done. Bad bad Cagga.

Work was another busy day which sucked. I was feeling very grumpy. Don't really know why. There's no specific reasoning behind it but grumpy I was. 

So when I came home I was even more grumpy as I was home alone. Paul's big boss was up from down south and he was going out for some food with him. I should have done some chores but instead I stat on the sofa and grumped.

I was really bored. So I thought instead of watching tv or something like that, I'd get creative in the kitchen and make something! I found some ingredients I knew I had and made some comforting treats...

Chocolate Rice Krispie cakes! 

So easy to make and so yummy! Sadly, I didn't have anything particularly amazing to eat for my dinner so the thought of having these for pudding cheered me right up!

Chicken and chorizo paella. Blah.

Paul came home having had his dinner meeting cancelled and we sat and watched a bit of tv, but I was exhausted so we went to bed early. Really early. Before 9pm early!

I needed sleep, darn It!



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