Thursday, 16 October 2014

9th October 2014 - Simple Pleasures!

A pretty naff night's sleep was followed by Paul going out early thus no gym again. Terrible. Poor show, us.

Work was busy and the day flew but it's all very dull and boring. Can't believe it's Friday tomorrow though. That's come around fast!

Paul's out AGAIN tonight so I did chores and was generally dull all evening. I caught up on my ironing and was entertained by the cats who had decided to play under a plastic lid in the bath!

The offending lid. Maia ran off and wouldn't let me take a picture. Boo.

The game of what can only be described as 'slaps' went on a LONG time with them alternating who was under the lid and who was on the side of the bath. Very entertaining!

After I finished ironing, I had an omelette for tea and decided to watch a crappy rom com called 'Valentine's Day'. I wasn't impressed. Bradley Cooper looked very 'David Beckham' in it but that's the only pro I could find to it, I'm afraid.

Paul came in, having decided that he was going to have a few beers instead of driving home. Hmph. Wish I could have had a few beers. :(



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