Sunday, 30 November 2014

23rd November 2014 - Food

After the crazy excitement of the last couple of days, it was quite nice to have a chilled out day in the house!

We didn't do much at all. We watched Stargate, drank tea and relaxed! It's my last day off so it's necessary!

We also ate hummus. Because it's yummy!

Nothing really to report other than the hummus eating and Stargate watching! Which is quite funny really!

We also had the usual reality tv to look forward to a little later, so Paul made us a yummy roast dinner to sustain us!

Roast pork and all the trimmings. Again. Yes, we had this last week but meh, it's good! It's one of my favourites in fact, so why not have it again!

We stayed up a little later than we probably should have for a Sunday night and work tomorrow.




Saturday, 29 November 2014

22nd November 2014 - Seeing Things

Ah Saturday! How great you are! Even after a week off work I can appreciate a Saturday!

So much so that I didn't really do a lot during the day! Well, if not a lot is sorting 6 WHOLE LOADS OF WASHING. Yeah. That happened! Making sure all the winter warming wear is nice and clean now it's getting a little colder out!

As a treat, we decided to go for a late lunch/early dinner to somewhere we have been meaning to go for a while: Evil Eye Burrito!

We ordered some yummy deliciousness and awaited the same with a beer. I went to take a sip of said beer when I noticed an image appear before me!

Can you see it? Maybe from a different angle without the flash?

I can see a tiger in my beer! I realise that this would have been even more awesome if it had been Tiger Beer I was drinking, but it's a tiger all the same! Some people see the image of Jesus on burnt toast or The Grim in their tea leaves. Me? I see a large cat. Which makes sense!

If you can't see it, I've done a diagram below.

Can you see it now?

I almost didn't want to finish the beer...but once the food arrived, I knew I would need a bit of assistance. While I didn't order a really spicy meal, there was a kick to it.

Check out that beast! It was huge! Very delicious and reasonably priced too! Walking distance from the yeah, we'll be going back!

Once we had eaten it all, we headed to the pub down the road from there to watch some of the football. The place was filled with rugby fans and people who didn't support Manchester United. Therefore while we were watching Manchester United, they were supporting Arsenal and basically stating that every time a United player tackled an Arsenal player it was a foul/red card/penalty.

Quite funny.

We left at half time and headed home for a little while. We had more plans ahead of us! I know! Get us! I do nothing for weeks and then seem to do loads in a short space of time!

Tonight we had a cinema date!

We were there quite early so ate a million and one sweets while awaiting the trailers. Admittedly, I wanted to see this film but I knew there would be a trailer for one I want to see more...

HI BARD! Why yes, I will watch The Hobbit trailer

Only a few more weeks to go! I'm so excited I can't hold my camera still to take a sneaky picture!

Then the main event:

It was good. Clearly the build up to the next film so not a lot happens but entertaining enough.

We went home, had a glass of wine, watched a little tv then went to bed.



Friday, 28 November 2014

21st November 2014 - Shivers!

I started the Friday with a couple of grumps. Firstly, Paul had to work. Secondly, Felix let me DOWN.

We feed our fussy cats Felix 'As Good As It Looks' cat food. It's not the best, I know, but Maia is soooo fussy that it's pretty much all she would eat for a while!

Not much longer. Todays' offering was beef and carrots. Allegedly.

See - labelled as beef and carrots. So you get the idea of what you think you're going to get when you open the packet.

Um. I'm not convinced that there is much in the way of beef...or even carrot in there.

Maybe it's all fallen to the bottom half of the packet?

Nope. No beef in there either! I even mushed it up to try to find some. Nope. Just jelly. Cue unimpressed Cagga.

Anyway, I didn't feed them any of the packet. I threw it all away and gave them one of the expensive ones we know is pretty much only meat! Screw you, Felix!

After I had calmed down a little, I needed to make the most of my day, so I got the ironing board out and got all the ironing done. Will a little Hobbit commentary in the background for entertainment!

I don't normally do the ironing downstairs but as I was alone, why not? Maia came to join me and curled up on the radiator behind me!

I may have taken a million and one pictures of her because she looked so damn cute! She was also snoring. A LOT. She's very loud. I don't know whether to be concerned or not. Hmmm.

Barney was also being cute, just in case you were wondering!

He can't just sleep on the bed, oh no. He has to have the fleecy blanket as well.

More Maia. AW!

I got the ironing done and sat down for a while before preparing myself to go out. Yes, I had to leave the house. Shocking. I don't like having to leave the house but we had made plans!

It was pouring with rain outside and the wind was really strong, so my umbrella broke fairly quickly into my outdoor journey.

I met Paul from work and we went to have dinner at Nolita Cantina, which is a little place we had never been to before!

Paul had a bacon and blue cheese burger which I didn't take a picture of. I had belly pork in Dr Pepper sauce.

I didn't use my flash as I feel as though people would judge me for taking pictures of my food. I'm a blogger! Don't they understand?!

The sauce was very rich but I enjoyed it very much! We will definitely go again!

From there we went to have a couple of drinks before our evening really got started. We went back to Brewdog, where we went last weekend for a few.

It's quirky. They encourage you to play games. On our table we had an interesting option...

Dinosaur Top Trumps! We didn't play but we had a look through at the various dinos. I found my instant favourite dinosaur of all time.


We also found something that I can't believe exists.

Really? REALLY?! That's something out of a horror movie, not real life!

Anyway, instead of a beer, as I didn't fancy a beer, I had a beer cocktail!

It was called 'Punch Drunk Punk' and it was very nice (and boozy) and I enjoyed it so much I had another one!

Then it was onto the Philharmonic. We were not going to see a show, though. Well, not in the way you would imagine anyway!

We were going on a Shiverpool Ghost Walk!

We were trying to look afraid. We more shivering more from the cold and rain than the fear!

The girls who took us round were good fun and there were about 20 of us! I was really impressed and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun evening!

We went back to the Philharmonic Pub where we started from and needed to warm up before heading home. So I reacquainted myself with my friend from earlier in the week!

Mmmmm! Mulled wine!

We went home and I went straight to bed as I was exhausted! Good times!



Thursday, 27 November 2014

20th November 2014 - Technicolour!

Another day off without Paul. Admittedly, I knew he wouldn't be with me today, but it still doesn't make it much fun for me!

So I went for a bit of a wander across to the doctors to pop in a prescription, then did some shopping to pass the day away a little.

I wasn't out that long, but Maia was pleased to see me!

As soon as I sat down, she was on my knee! Lovely, but I had a few things to do...what to do...?!

She eventually moved, so I got to get on with my day! Starting with a nice long soak in the bath and a bottle of hair dye! I was bored so thought I'd try a new colour!

Doesn't look that different! Bit more auburn than usual! I quite like it though! Covers a few greys in there! :)

I didn't do a great deal for the rest of the day, because I could and I'm on holiday!

Paul came home at usual time and we relaxed a little, watched tv and had dinner!

We also had a cheeky little pudding treat!'s Paul's birthday!

It was LOVELY! I could eat these all day! I'd be the size of a house, but MMMM!



Wednesday, 26 November 2014

19th November 2014 - Not quite as planned

So today, Paul and I were supposed to have a lovely lazy day together.

Sadly that didn't happen. He basically got called into work at the last minute.

So while he was working, it was unfair for me to laze around in bed doing nothing. So I got up to do some stuff too!

I cleaned out the under-shelf unit in my living room, which was a bit gross to be honest. I scrubbed the skirting boards with a toothbrush. I scrubbed the floors. I dusted the shelves. I washed the sofa duvet...


I have had this duvet cover for YEARS. Literally, for nearly 10 years. Should I be worried that it still leaks colour when I wash it?...

Or shall I presume that I spilled ribena and red wine on it at some stage? Probably both.

Anway, nothing else really happened today. No #Whedonsday this evening as Chris needed some quality time to do Chris things. So we watched Shield and chilled out for the evening.

That's that!



Tuesday, 25 November 2014

18th November 2014 - Happy Birthday Paul!!!

Yay! It's Paul's birthday! Today he turned...30! Yeah, let's go with 30!

We had a day of informative fun planned but first, PRESENTS!

This is my present to Paul!

Ok, not really. Maia just took up residence in the bag when Paul had opened the gift from my parents.

Barney was a bit jealous.

As well as getting Paul the rather offensive 'Cards Against Humanity' game, I also bought him a couple of plots of land in Scotland, which now officially make him 'Lord Kirkham'! The land stays conserved and Paul gets a title! Pretty awesome present, right?!

After a brew or two, we headed to town for our day of fun! We headed to The Museum of Liverpool to take in some local history!

This is The Lion - a Liverpool to Manchester locomotive which has been restored. It's very pretty!

We learnt a lot about Liverpool's connections with China, it's railway history and also Liverpool in the War.

Then, some cultural history!

Ah, Brookside! Where I first learnt how to do a Liverpool (Scouse) accent! The first tv show to air a pre-watershed lesbian kiss, starring Anna Friel. Great stuff!

There was also the Liverpool music scene, of course, which wasn't all about The Beatles, which may surprise you! Also a sports section, for the football teams, the racing and other sporting goodies.

I really recommend it, if you can get there! It's interesting stuff! I also learnt what Small Pox looks like. Which is useful...

We then headed to get some food as Paul was feeling peckish. Can't have the birthday boy going hungry now, can we?!

Totally should have got him a badge. My bad.

We thought we'd get a small selection of snacky bits to see us through a few hours...yeah...we may have misjudged that one...

Salt and pepper chicken wings, duck spring rolls, chicken pate, a Gruyère tart (which I was looking for more information on and it's not listed on the website menu as existing...which is a shame as I loved it!) and bacon, leek and potato gratin. It was all very delicious and all very filling. We wouldn't need to be eating for some time I don't think!

From there, we headed back towards the Docks and went to the Maritime Museum! Not necessarily my usual thing, but it was quite interesting, reading the tales of the child migrants to Canada and Australia back in the day. It's quite mad really to think that happened.

Plus there were lots of interesting bits of 'art' on display. The following boat art perplexed me a little...

I don't think legs bend that they? Or am I the broken one?! That's got to hurt the hips a little. Although maybe they do yoga?

We looked around the exhibitions. Paul enjoyed the boat models and I liked the paintings. There is a large Titanic exhibition in there which ended our tour on a sad note. It was really quite sad. Much more moving than the movie...but anyway...

The museum closed at 5, so we were kicked out. We had a quick drink at the nearby pub while we decided what to do. The answer being we didn't know! We have kinda exhausted the many wonders of this city in which we live!

We wandered the streets for a little while and came upon a place that we have never been before so decided 'why not?!' It's called Kazimier and we sat in a little outdoor area which was actually very interesting! Not in a 'mum' way either!

It was quite quiet but then again, it is Tuesday evening!

It wasn't overly cold but not the warmest of evenings and my beer wasn't quite cutting it. So this place then became my favourite place it sells one of my favourite winter vittles!

Mulled wine! It was very delicious too...very hot, but very yum!

We sat here for a while but then decided that as we weren't hungry, we weren't going to go for a meal, so we picked up a couple of snacky bits and went home!

I had a really bad night's sleep so was pretty exhausted, especially from all the walking, but we sat up for a while then headed to bed.

I think Paul had a good birthday...



Monday, 24 November 2014

17th November 2014 - Aaand repeat!

It's Monday and I don't have to get up and go to work! YAY! This is most excellent news I think!

So what better way to start your week off work than to do pretty much exactly what we did yesterday! Relaxing and watching Stargate! Well, there's the rest of the week to do interesting stuff!

We also filled the room full of candle light so it was nice and warm.

My favourite candle holder that I got in Somerset in September. I love it. Shame I haven't got prettier plate to put it on than that old one!

So that was our day! Nothing to see here! Move it along!



Sunday, 23 November 2014

16th November 2014 - Treats

I love Sundays. They are a good day! They are especially good when you don't have to go into work tomorrow!

So it was quite a lazy day to be honest. We didn't really get up to much. We watched Stargate and relaxed for pretty much the whole day.

Oh, and we drank fizz. Which made it extra awesome!'s the start of the holidays! Why not begin as we mean to go on!

As I say, nothing really happened! We watched Stargate, drank fizz and relaxed!

We also had a yummy roast pork for dinner which was delish! Loads of veg and very much needed and enjoyed!

Sorry it's short - nothing to say really! :)



Saturday, 22 November 2014

15th November 2014 - Press For Beer

First day of holiday! Perfect time to lie in bed and waste the day away, no?

As it turns out, no, because Paul wanted to go into town and buy himself a present. My heart wasn't in it but to town we went.

I sent him off window shopping for himself and I decided to have a look around for treats for me. I stopped at my favourite make up brand's new counter in Boots and was talking to one of the ladies there about some new make up. She tested it on me. I was sold.

My new favourite make up in the world ever! It's a perfect match to me, too, which is good! I love it and the brush is so soft!

Ok, girly stuff over with. Paul and I walked around town for a bit then went to a bar that had only just opened a few days earlier. It was after 1pm, so this is acceptable.

Paul loves their beer and they have these bars over the country and now we have one of our very own in Liverpool!

Paul's favourite part of it...

You press the button and a waitress comes over! How awesome is that?!

We shopped a little longer and bought Paul a new suit, which is nice. We then took a bit more of a wander round. We found a little hidden bar that we didn't know was there...I believe it was called The Grove, so stopped for a quick drink in there as well!

I wasn't feeling my best though, so we headed home for a night in front of the tellybox.

We had little snacky things for dinner and then Paul bought these puddings.

No idea what is was. Paul loves chocolate puds. I'm not so keen. A bit sickly if you ask me!

The cats kept us company.

Barney was snoozing with his pal, the ribena berry.

Maia was being cute and playful on the cat castle!

I started falling asleep on the sofa so went to bed. Such a lightweight!