Friday, 21 November 2014

14th November 2014 - Baffled.

We didn't go to the gym so both of us could get into work earlier and get more done.

It was a pretty poor day. We had training which started at around 12:30pm and went on for about 3 hours. It was very much a mind boggle. All this stuff that I should know and don't and apparently should be enlightened now. I'm not. Now I have a week off work and I don't know if I'll remember it all when I go back!

Ah well! Somewhere in the mists of today I had a nice big delivery of a case of wine which Paul had ordered from us! Luckily Paul was also able to pick me up from the office so I didn't have to carry it home!

Naturally, we were all happy - wine for us and the box for the cats!

Yep - cat shaming time! :)

We sat and drank some of the wine, ordered take away curry and watched some of our TV shows, then Children in Need.

Then to bed! Start of the holidays! WHOOP! :



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