Saturday, 22 November 2014

15th November 2014 - Press For Beer

First day of holiday! Perfect time to lie in bed and waste the day away, no?

As it turns out, no, because Paul wanted to go into town and buy himself a present. My heart wasn't in it but to town we went.

I sent him off window shopping for himself and I decided to have a look around for treats for me. I stopped at my favourite make up brand's new counter in Boots and was talking to one of the ladies there about some new make up. She tested it on me. I was sold.

My new favourite make up in the world ever! It's a perfect match to me, too, which is good! I love it and the brush is so soft!

Ok, girly stuff over with. Paul and I walked around town for a bit then went to a bar that had only just opened a few days earlier. It was after 1pm, so this is acceptable.

Paul loves their beer and they have these bars over the country and now we have one of our very own in Liverpool!

Paul's favourite part of it...

You press the button and a waitress comes over! How awesome is that?!

We shopped a little longer and bought Paul a new suit, which is nice. We then took a bit more of a wander round. We found a little hidden bar that we didn't know was there...I believe it was called The Grove, so stopped for a quick drink in there as well!

I wasn't feeling my best though, so we headed home for a night in front of the tellybox.

We had little snacky things for dinner and then Paul bought these puddings.

No idea what is was. Paul loves chocolate puds. I'm not so keen. A bit sickly if you ask me!

The cats kept us company.

Barney was snoozing with his pal, the ribena berry.

Maia was being cute and playful on the cat castle!

I started falling asleep on the sofa so went to bed. Such a lightweight!



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