Tuesday, 25 November 2014

18th November 2014 - Happy Birthday Paul!!!

Yay! It's Paul's birthday! Today he turned...30! Yeah, let's go with 30!

We had a day of informative fun planned but first, PRESENTS!

This is my present to Paul!

Ok, not really. Maia just took up residence in the bag when Paul had opened the gift from my parents.

Barney was a bit jealous.

As well as getting Paul the rather offensive 'Cards Against Humanity' game, I also bought him a couple of plots of land in Scotland, which now officially make him 'Lord Kirkham'! The land stays conserved and Paul gets a title! Pretty awesome present, right?!

After a brew or two, we headed to town for our day of fun! We headed to The Museum of Liverpool to take in some local history!

This is The Lion - a Liverpool to Manchester locomotive which has been restored. It's very pretty!

We learnt a lot about Liverpool's connections with China, it's railway history and also Liverpool in the War.

Then, some cultural history!

Ah, Brookside! Where I first learnt how to do a Liverpool (Scouse) accent! The first tv show to air a pre-watershed lesbian kiss, starring Anna Friel. Great stuff!

There was also the Liverpool music scene, of course, which wasn't all about The Beatles, which may surprise you! Also a sports section, for the football teams, the racing and other sporting goodies.

I really recommend it, if you can get there! It's interesting stuff! I also learnt what Small Pox looks like. Which is useful...

We then headed to get some food as Paul was feeling peckish. Can't have the birthday boy going hungry now, can we?!

Totally should have got him a badge. My bad.

We thought we'd get a small selection of snacky bits to see us through a few hours...yeah...we may have misjudged that one...

Salt and pepper chicken wings, duck spring rolls, chicken pate, a Gruyère tart (which I was looking for more information on and it's not listed on the website menu as existing...which is a shame as I loved it!) and bacon, leek and potato gratin. It was all very delicious and all very filling. We wouldn't need to be eating for some time I don't think!

From there, we headed back towards the Docks and went to the Maritime Museum! Not necessarily my usual thing, but it was quite interesting, reading the tales of the child migrants to Canada and Australia back in the day. It's quite mad really to think that happened.

Plus there were lots of interesting bits of 'art' on display. The following boat art perplexed me a little...

I don't think legs bend that way...do they? Or am I the broken one?! That's got to hurt the hips a little. Although maybe they do yoga?

We looked around the exhibitions. Paul enjoyed the boat models and I liked the paintings. There is a large Titanic exhibition in there which ended our tour on a sad note. It was really quite sad. Much more moving than the movie...but anyway...

The museum closed at 5, so we were kicked out. We had a quick drink at the nearby pub while we decided what to do. The answer being we didn't know! We have kinda exhausted the many wonders of this city in which we live!

We wandered the streets for a little while and came upon a place that we have never been before so decided 'why not?!' It's called Kazimier and we sat in a little outdoor area which was actually very interesting! Not in a 'mum' way either!

It was quite quiet but then again, it is Tuesday evening!

It wasn't overly cold but not the warmest of evenings and my beer wasn't quite cutting it. So this place then became my favourite place ever...as it sells one of my favourite winter vittles!

Mulled wine! It was very delicious too...very hot, but very yum!

We sat here for a while but then decided that as we weren't hungry, we weren't going to go for a meal, so we picked up a couple of snacky bits and went home!

I had a really bad night's sleep so was pretty exhausted, especially from all the walking, but we sat up for a while then headed to bed.

I think Paul had a good birthday...



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