Saturday, 8 November 2014

1st November 2014 - Going back to where it all began!

We had a nice little lie in this morning! We were both awake before 8am, like, but we had slept well so it's all good!

We had a brew...or two and listened to the radio for a while. Cats were fed and therefore quite chilled out. So we took the opportunity to get Barney with the Furminator!

I think it is fair to say that we got him good! He then proceeded to play with that ball of his fur like it was the best toy ever!

We lazed around a little but then we decided that we needed to get up and do something, so we decided to go out and look at a new laptop for Paul after he accidentally broke the old one by spilling tea over the keyboard! Oops.

We went up to World of PCs where we went the other week to look and there was even less choice there than there was then! Still - no one helped us there either.

So we looked for another bigger World of PCs and found one in St Helens, so off we went there!

We found one that was a slightly older model of quite an expensive one so after a little umming and ahhhing we decided to go for it! The store said they would set it up for us but it might take a couple of hours. Well...surely that's ok, right?

Wrong. There is nothing to do in St Helens! I lived there for the first 3 years of my life and no one thought to tell me that?

We looked around a few shops on the retail park where the shop was and got a little bored. So went for coffee and cake.

It was a very nice latte. But still only took up some of the time.

We got bored very very easily! We looked at pretty much every product in the electrical store connected to the PC shop, plus some others. We did part of the weekly shop and bought a fair few Nakd bars in differing flavours. Then decided to head back to the PC shop and wait there. 

We were waiting AGES. We should have just come home instead!

We got home and set it up!

It's so shiny!

There wasn't too much time to kill before the usual onslaught of reality tv shows which were fun. Once they finished I was feeling really tired so headed to bed, leaving Paul to play Civilisation on his new toy! 




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