Saturday, 29 November 2014

22nd November 2014 - Seeing Things

Ah Saturday! How great you are! Even after a week off work I can appreciate a Saturday!

So much so that I didn't really do a lot during the day! Well, if not a lot is sorting 6 WHOLE LOADS OF WASHING. Yeah. That happened! Making sure all the winter warming wear is nice and clean now it's getting a little colder out!

As a treat, we decided to go for a late lunch/early dinner to somewhere we have been meaning to go for a while: Evil Eye Burrito!

We ordered some yummy deliciousness and awaited the same with a beer. I went to take a sip of said beer when I noticed an image appear before me!

Can you see it? Maybe from a different angle without the flash?

I can see a tiger in my beer! I realise that this would have been even more awesome if it had been Tiger Beer I was drinking, but it's a tiger all the same! Some people see the image of Jesus on burnt toast or The Grim in their tea leaves. Me? I see a large cat. Which makes sense!

If you can't see it, I've done a diagram below.

Can you see it now?

I almost didn't want to finish the beer...but once the food arrived, I knew I would need a bit of assistance. While I didn't order a really spicy meal, there was a kick to it.

Check out that beast! It was huge! Very delicious and reasonably priced too! Walking distance from the yeah, we'll be going back!

Once we had eaten it all, we headed to the pub down the road from there to watch some of the football. The place was filled with rugby fans and people who didn't support Manchester United. Therefore while we were watching Manchester United, they were supporting Arsenal and basically stating that every time a United player tackled an Arsenal player it was a foul/red card/penalty.

Quite funny.

We left at half time and headed home for a little while. We had more plans ahead of us! I know! Get us! I do nothing for weeks and then seem to do loads in a short space of time!

Tonight we had a cinema date!

We were there quite early so ate a million and one sweets while awaiting the trailers. Admittedly, I wanted to see this film but I knew there would be a trailer for one I want to see more...

HI BARD! Why yes, I will watch The Hobbit trailer

Only a few more weeks to go! I'm so excited I can't hold my camera still to take a sneaky picture!

Then the main event:

It was good. Clearly the build up to the next film so not a lot happens but entertaining enough.

We went home, had a glass of wine, watched a little tv then went to bed.



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