Sunday, 30 November 2014

23rd November 2014 - Food

After the crazy excitement of the last couple of days, it was quite nice to have a chilled out day in the house!

We didn't do much at all. We watched Stargate, drank tea and relaxed! It's my last day off so it's necessary!

We also ate hummus. Because it's yummy!

Nothing really to report other than the hummus eating and Stargate watching! Which is quite funny really!

We also had the usual reality tv to look forward to a little later, so Paul made us a yummy roast dinner to sustain us!

Roast pork and all the trimmings. Again. Yes, we had this last week but meh, it's good! It's one of my favourites in fact, so why not have it again!

We stayed up a little later than we probably should have for a Sunday night and work tomorrow.




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