Saturday, 1 November 2014

25th October 2014 - Food Revolution!

We were awake stupidly early this morning. Ridiculously stupid o'clock. We were not amused. Paul got up so I could try to get some more sleep, but we had already had 3 cups of tea before 8am so that wasn't going to happen. :(

We decided to take a trip into town as Paul wanted to do some window shopping for a few new bits for work and I wanted a new jacket.

We spent an hour each doing our own shopping. I bought some snuggly new slippers (yes, I'm 90!) and a new jacket! It's a mac. It's green. I love it!

Paul was feeling hungry so we went to grab a quick bite to eat. Everywhere was heaving as it was around 1pm. I think we found the only place in Liverpool which wasn't!

I had a spicy bean burger...

Paul had a cajun chicken burger.

We were satisfied.

We then wandered around town for as long as we could cope with the amount of zombies walking around town looking at their mobile phones instead of where they are going. Urgh. Drives me bonkers.

We were in town a little longer than I thought we would be, so we headed home via the shops to get some dinner. We also picked up a HD dongle thing which means we can use our tv actually as a (sort of) tv, rather than just a did/blu ray player. The power of Netflix is upstairs! I predict far more lazy weekend in our future!

Couldn't watch all afternoon though as there was actual stuff on the tv that I wanted to watch...namely Strictly! While I was watching the dancing, Paul made dinner...a twist on a British classic!

Ham, egg. And chips...only we have posh gammon steak with sweet red onion chutney, duck egg and sweet potato chips! And coleslaw...because we had it and didn't want to waste it!

We also had another British pudding - Bakewell tart and custard! We bought it for Whedonsday just gone but we were so stuffed after the cannelloni we didn't get to it! 

Very nice too!

After all the reality tv was over, we channel hopped a little but we were both so shattered we went to bed. We'd only been awake around 19 hours, after all...



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