Sunday, 2 November 2014

26th October 2014 - Naughty

Happy birthday to my big brother! 

I know I haven't mentioned his being poorly for, like, a week, but there hasn't really been anything to say. He has been in and out of hospital until Thursday when they let him come home. He has something wrong with his kidneys which will require him seeing a specialist so we j us teed to wait for the appointment to come through and take it from there. He's ok, though, and should make a full recovery. Thank you all for your concern.

The clocks went back this morning, which messed up the old body clock more than anticipated. Paul went for a run and I kept getting confused as to what time it was as some electronics had automatically changed time but others hadn't!

I started watching a show called 'Suits' while Paul was running. I decided I liked it!

I got a text from Paul asking me to run his bath for when he got back from running. As his skin gets irritated easily, I had taken to suggesting he have an oat bath. So I poured one for him!

Yes, the bath has a floater...

That looks so gross! Pop sock full of porridge! It works though! Lots of natural moisturiser etc!

Paul then went to the football and I realised I was hungry so went to the shops. There were lots of very annoying people in the shop which made me want a glass of wine, which meant I bought a bottle.

As Paul isn't drinking at the moment, I polished off the lot. Yes, I know, it's both big and clever! 

I watched Strictly results and X Factor results then Downton. It's all go. Then time to go to bed.

I fell up the stairs. It bruised. I probably deserved that.



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