Monday, 3 November 2014

27th October 2014 - Another day, another dollar!

It was a long day today.

We both slept really badly. Paul because he wasn't feeling too well and me because I had drunk s whole bottle of wine yesterday on not a lot of food and was paranoid that the alarm wouldn't go off, or something daft like that.

Well done me.

Paul was feeling very poorly indeed, and had been a little bit for some time so made himself s doctors appointment for this evening. I went to work and went through the motions of a very busy day with my eyes pretty much shut all day. Not impressed.

Paul had to do the shopping after his doctors' appointment for our weekly food so I came home and did a few chores while I waited for him.

We had a choice of things for dinner: omelette or sausage and mash...well, I think we all know which one I chose!

It was yum. I LOVE this meal! 

We watched tv for a bit but we're both really tired so went to bed fairly early, hoping for a better sleep.



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