Tuesday, 4 November 2014

28th October 2014 - The same, but different...

We didn't really sleep much better. Paul not feeling well really isn't good.

Paul left early as he got the train into work as he had an impromptu trip to London that lunch time. I headed to work after a few cups of tea with one eye open!

Work was interesting (sorta) today. One of the Partners and the Practice Manager came over to see A and ended up taking us all out to lunch! Unexpected. It was all a little bit weird! While they were very nice and there was lots of small talk, we were trying to fathom out why they had come over in the first place and what they were going to achieve by taking us all out to lunch! Not a clue!

After they left A was told we would be getting loads of work that we had to deal with even though we have no idea how to deal with it and we juste had to get on with it. Great. I am not going to hold my breath for it happening but at the same time, if it does, we all know it will be me who has to deal with it and that doesn't make for a happy Cagga.

I did perk myself up with something that Paul found in the shops yesterday. He found a new flavour Nakd bar! Not content with the Bakewell Tart flavour one we found last week but this week he found a 'Christmas Pudding' flavour one! Awesome! Except when I had a look at the ingredients. Something was a little odd about them...

Both the Bakewell Tart and the Christmas Pud have the same ingredients in. Huh. So it is actually the natural flavouring that makes them different. I am too disabled in the taste department to know how big the difference is, but I think there is a little in the flavouring. I guess I just really wanted the Christmas a pudding one to taste like Christmas Pudding! You'd think with dates and raisins it would...but it just doesn't!

After work I came home and had some important work to do while I waiting for Paul to come home from London. As mentioned last week, I have my appraisal next week and I have to fill out a form stating my case for why I'm awesome. Well, last year didn't go so well and this year my job is completely different. I had a bit of a diplomatic whinge then gave up. Will perfect it tomorrow. It needs to be handed to A by tomorrow so best get it done at lunch time!

We had dinner of Omelette and then Paul made dinner for tomorrow while I washed up! We're having home made burgers and the best part of making them...the squishing!

Yes, I took lots of squishing photographs. I am not ashamed. It looked like fun!

After the squishing was complete and we had formed the burgers, with some left over to go in the freezer, we finished the washing up then headed to bed!



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