Wednesday, 5 November 2014

29th October 2014 - Earning Fees

Another Wednesday of same old same old. At work, at least.

The only thing different today is that we got a cheque in today. On a file I settled last week. The first money I have made for the company! Guess that makes me a fee earner now!

A whole £240! That is standard first stage costs that a Solicitor makes on a road traffic accident these days. Yeah. Not a lot, is it? People don't like that we have had to start charging them a fee these days. Now can you see why?! But anyway, this was all earnt by me, so I am proud of it! I must know what I'm doing a little more now, right?!

After work I came home to do a little bit of straightening out. There really wasn't much to do so I was able to sit and chill for a while before the start of Whedonsday! Whoop!

Barney chilled with me on his new scratcher...which after his overdose last week we haven't if used with nip since!

Probably why he is sat with his paws perched on it as opposed to scratching it!

It took a little while to cook the burgers so we watched a little Angel while we waited. It was arguably the worst Angel episode of the whole 5 seasons so Paul wasn't too fussed about missing it. As we are we watched Shield and marvelled at our dinner! (See what I did there.)

Doesn't that look like an amazing feast? Yes those are sweet potato chips with macaroni cheese. Yes that is cheese, ham and egg on top of the burger! Yes, it was delicious! 

We watched an ep of Buffy after Shield and then Chris's wife was around so popped over to say hi and take Chris home! We had a chat (we haven't seen her for ages - a doctor's work is never done) then they left to go back over the water. 

We cleared up a little then headed to bed.



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