Sunday, 9 November 2014

2nd November 2014 - Lazy Daisy!

Paul didn't come to bed until silly o'clock this morning, as he was too busy playing his game! Very funny!

We still chilled this morning, doing as little as we could get away with. Paul did some shopping and I did some washing, but generally we relaxed, watched Stargate and snuggled kitties!

How cute is my boy?!

Him lying there meant I couldn't lie down properly but that was probably a good thing! Stopped me getting too lazy. I did get s little lazy though!

Paul was Civilised though. Which is nice! Yes, he was under the duvet. The house is cold, deal with it!

New laptop doesn't save you from barbarians, though. Shame really.

Not much really happened today! It was a day to enjoy and relax and we did!

We also ate lush cheesecake...Mmmm!

We watched the usual tv, then I tried not to fall asleep during Downton Abbey before heading to bed!



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