Thursday, 6 November 2014

30th October 2014 - another day, another picture of my dinner!

I didn't feel so well today. I had a thick head and was very sneezy. I refuses to have a cold, instead I think it's just allergies and a sore neck. Yeah. Let's go with that!

I made it though work but only with loads of dosing up. Antihistamines and paracetamol. It made me feel a tiny bit better but not right at all.

I had no desire to do the ironing when I got home but it needed to be done so I grit my teeth and got on with it. There wasn't that much but enough to keep me busy for a while.

Paul came home from work, did a bit of cleaning up and made dinner while I finished the ironing.

Nothing exciting for dinner tonight.

Hot piri-piri chicken and salad. It really was hot. My mouth burned a little. Ok, a lot.

Had to cool it down somehow. Milk? Nah...

Cherry Bakewell for the win!

We watched Gotham which was on on Monday night then headed to bed as my head was really hurting and I just wanted to lie down. We started watching some Stargate but I was falling asleep. I took migralieve and slept like a baby.



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