Friday, 7 November 2014

31st October 2014 - Treats of all kinds!

Another lazy morning...then work. Blah.

Work really was blah. T was on annual leave so I was on my own! So it was really dull. The only interesting thing at all as this:

I got bought a blueberry muffin! It was ok. Not amazing, just ok.

I was allowed to leave a little early and walked home noting the abundance of cute children in their Hallowe'en outfits. So as soon as I got it, I prepared myself...after feeding the resident little monsters of course!

Please ignore the still shocking plaster work around the door!

I was ready! Let the craziness commence!

Yeah. One knock at the door. Fine by me! More sweets for me!

Barney kept his eye on things from his new perch on top of the sofa.

Doesn't he look tiny?!

He head to sit there as a kitten so it's taken my by surprise that 4 years later he has decided to go back there!

Moo didn't want to miss out of the fuss, so joined me (and my blanket) on the sofa. 


She is so cuddly at the moment, it's lovely!

We watched the first eps of Flash and Arrow that had just started on Sky, then chilled for the rest of the evening before going to bed. Rock and roll!



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