Monday, 10 November 2014

3rd November 2014 - I Smell You.

Monday doesn't half come around too soon. Why can't weekends be longer? Do I say that every week?

I had set the alarm for gym o'clock but we had both sort of decided that we weren't going to go so went back to sleep. Naughty. 

Then to work. Today is appraisal day so I had to be on the ball.

It went ok. A started out a little aggressive but I was able to counter it quite easily and had very balanced arguments to be able to put back at him in a calm and collected manner. It worked and I think it went well! Definitely better than last year!

I was in there for about an hour, which surprised me a little but at least I got everything off my chest that needed to be said! Then it was T's turn.

I got back to my desk and discovered I had a delivery. This is good!

Yeah! Extended Hobbity goodness! Will watch that later!

The rest of the day was just filler before I got to go home to watch the extended movie! There's an extra 25 minutes for me to watch!

So I got home, put the bluray in the player and waiting for Paul to get home for movie night!

I loved it. Lots of extra detail which I can see why they cut but it was good! Looking forward to the next opportunity I get to watch all the special features because Miss Nerd here loves that type of thing!

We had dinner during the movie and went to bed soon after it finished as we were both shattered!



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