Wednesday, 12 November 2014

5th November 2014 - Fort Kirkham!

Paul left early this morning for work. I wanted to sleep more but couldn't so did what normal folk do when bored and awake before work - I built a 'den' for the kitties!

It's Bonfire Night here in the UK and when we were at the vet the other week they were talking about making a safe place for your animals so they aren't afraid. So it was in their best interest! Honest!

The den, known as Fort Kirkham was an instant hit! I expected it to have collapsed a little during the working day but nope, it was all good! The cats greeted me when I came in from work, ate some dinner and promptly went back into their den!

I played with them for a while whilst waiting for Paul to get home from work, but they were more interested in being curled up in their respective 'wings' than playing with me or letting me in through the front door! I was relegated to the moat. Boo!

When Paul came in, far later than usual, we ate a quick sandwich then headed out as for the first time as a couple we were going to a firework display! 

Folded night of winter so far, so the big coats came out to play!

We headed to Sefton Park which is about 20 minute walk away and it was really busy!

So I took one or two or twenty pictures, which I shall just post here and let them speak for themselves! Imagine cheesy classical music in the background!

Very pretty!

After the fireworks, we headed home, drank peppermint tea and watched this week's Hawaii 5-0. Then headed to bed as the fresh air had worn us out!



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