Thursday, 13 November 2014

6th November 2014 - The Good Old Days

We got up and went to the gym again! I know! Crazy! That's twice this week! Can't quite believe it myself!

Day in work was rather dull. Nothing exciting happened at all. I was really tired as I hadn't slept well and the early morning gym visit and all that. So have nothing really exciting to say. We're busy busy so just cracking on with it!

I came home and lay on the bed for a bit, vegetating a little and trying not to fall asleep completely.

Maia helped me. She brought me a hair band and placed it on my face. She then proceeded to bat at my face which was rather annoying, so I threw the hair band again. She ran after it, picked it up and brought it back.

We were playing fetch!!!

Maia used to play this game ALL THE TIME when she was younger - usually with a catnip mouse, which was her favourite toy. Sadly they don't make the same ones any more, which it probably why she doesn't play so often! Anyway, we had a good game for a really long time!

This made me really happy! Barney usually comes and interrupts play, but for some reason he was otherwise occupied elsewhere so didn't! We got some good play in for about an hour! It was lovely to see her like she used to be! She's nearly 9 years old but acting very much like a younger kitty again! Aw!

I went downstairs for dinner, and we watched some tv with it. Can't remember what, so it can't have been that important or riveting! I then took myself off to bed to try to catch up on some sleep!



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