Friday, 14 November 2014

7th November 2014 - You're never fully dressed without a smile.

Ah, Friday. I love Friday!

We even went to the gym! I did weights. It was good.

Barney spent the time pre-work doing a great impression of his Daddy!

I think he looks rather handsome in Paul's suit jacket, no?!

Another day in work, another day I didn't have time to fit everything into my day! Everyone seemed to want something from me, but I didn't have the time to do it all. Plus we have a new referrer of work, so sends his new PA over to do his discussions for him. This would be fine, except she is a young glamour girl who has ideas above her own station. Seriously, she spoke down to me and was acting like she was my boss. No you aren't little girl. She has the worst false eyelashes I have ever seen on a person, pointy fake Madonna b006s and a REALLY bad attitude.

So naturally, when I got home I facebook stalked her and she is an obsessive selfie taker, all pouty and trying to be sultry. Yeah. You know what's attractive? A smile.

Sorry - she just really riled me with how she spoke to T and I. She has gained the nickname 'Lashes' and this will stick. Not having her talk to me like that again.

We spent the evening in front of the TV and relaxing after a hard week.

I came to bed at a fairly decent (and very boring) hour. I think I left Paul up watching TV. He's more hardcore than I.



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