Saturday, 15 November 2014

8th November 2014 - Memories!

We had to be up early this morning as Barney was at fat club. He was a little fidget and they couldn't get an accurate reading. So they decided to try something new and get the tape measure out! They measured his chest and his belly. This makes more sense to me to get a fair idea as to how much he's losing so hopefully that will yield some good results in 5 weeks time!

We tidied up a little once we got home and had breakfast. Paul then got ready to go to the football and then our visitors for the day turned up! Mum and Dad came to visit!

They wanted to go out for lunch in Liverpool so off we went! Their treat! Awesome!

There was a 20-30 minute wait for a table so we went to the bar to get a drink!

Why have a drink when you can have a bottle?!

We got our table fairly quickly and surveyed the menu. I decided on fish and chips. Purely because it had mushy peas with it!

Looks good, no? It was! Mum had most of the chips (I don't really like chips very much) but I devoured the rest!

When we got back to the house, Mum and Dad brought some boxes in with them for me to sort out. Surely you're allowed to leave things at your parents house from  your youth? Why do I need to have to sort through them after half a bottle of wine?!

Yeah - this is a difficult job!

Want to see some of my goodies?!

Cassettes...with a cassette walkman and grotty headphones! There are even some tapes still unused in the plastic!

Current Caroline is annoyed at Past Caroline for not putting the tapes back in the boxes 13 years ago (or whenever it was I last listened to a cassette at my parents' house!) as it's such a mess! Grrr!

Box of photographs! On the left is a picture of my year 6 class at Primary about 20 years ago. I am the one in the blue dress with the fringe. Cute? Yeah.

This is a collection of things from the Staffordshire Youth Choir Tour to Austria and Hungary back in 2000! It was amazing! One of the best times of my life, it's true! So many memories in this bundle of brochures! I had no idea I had kept it all!

Although I did notice that Mum might have been trying to tell 17 year old me something...

Short skirts and skimpy tops?! ME?! Aherm...


Peter Andre at the University Guild! I actually remember it well! Katie Price (Jordan) was there as well and they were filming their reality TV show at the time. She got boo'd. A LOT. Ah, good times!

 A photo of when Chris and I went to see James Marsters sing at The Cavern Club in 2005(?). That was a good night! He was awesome!

Radio recorded mix tapes anyone?! Ah, the youth of today miss out on this! Complete with Microsoft Publisher-made cassette covers! 1996! Teenage Caroline at her finest (and clearly I have no shame, as I am putting these things out there for the world to see!) and obviously, the tunes on there were amazing!

Yep - messy Caroline was messy.

Some great stuff to reminisce over in there!

Paul came home and we watched the usual bundle of tv that we have on a Saturday night. While laughing at some of the stuff Mum brought up!

Then I went to bed. Tired.



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