Sunday, 16 November 2014

9th November 2014 - Old School Sunday!

We had another lazy morning in bed. This is what we make a habit of doing on a Sunday! Well...why not?! We can so we should! Short of doing the chores, this is the best way to spend the day!

We also decided to listen to one of the audio delights I was delivered yesterday!

Complete with glitter nail varnish on the front of the box! I was so cool!

Once the 4 sides sheer 90s audio were done, we decided to start watching Stargate. Which we watched for the rest of the day, stopping only when it was time for Strictly to start!

Paul also decided to try a new Lasagne recipe so we had new yummy deliciousness for tea!

I know this doesn't look like lasagne...but it is! It was very yummy! Plus, which is even better - there are leftovers for tomorrow! RESULT!

Today was the last Downton of the series! Nooooo! How can it be over so soon! It was a longer ep than usual so we were a little later to bed. This could make work most unpleasant tomorrow.



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