Wednesday, 17 December 2014

10th December 2014 - 2 Weeks til Christmas Eve!

Another lazy morning. We made a deal that we would get up at 10 and do chores/get on with our day.

Paul went to make breakfast and I meant to get up and do stuff...but I was disturbed. I was held hostage and what was I to do?!

I had to not work for longer than I had planned to make the most of my cug!

I then remembered I needed to make a birthday card for Chris as it was his birthday on Saturday and I am a bad friend and didn't give him his present before the day. Well...why not make the magic of a birthday last a little longer?!

I didn't take a picture of it but it was awesome. You'll just have to trust me on that one! It would have been more awesome but I was a 'y' scrabble tile short. Meh.

I then decided while I had my craft kit out to make some Christmas cards! Fun fun fun! Except it makes my back hurt a little bit so I had to quit after a while.

I got a few ideas on camera though so I could make them should the inspiration strike again.

Cute Christmas tree, huh?!

We did a little clearing up all ready for #Whedonsday. When Chris arrived we gave him his card and part of his present - a ducky tie! I think it was a hit!

After some tv fun and games, some delicious italian shepherds pie, beer and the usual evening fun, it was over too soon and Chris headed out.

We chilled a little but as Paul's in work tomorrow we called it quits pretty soon.



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