Friday, 19 December 2014

12th December 2014 - Furry Friday!

Another morning with no lie in because Paul has to work. Boo.

My idea was to stay in bed for a little while, which was facilitated by Maia, cuddling me and the electric throw...

But there are chores to be done and do I got them done! Meaning the ironing.

It took longer than I anticipated to get it all done, but it did get done! I then got to chill for a tiny bit longer before I headed out to meet T from work as it was time for our annual Christmas drinkypoos!

We headed to the pub at the station by her house and had a few drinks. Her husband joined us for a cola and we chatted to some of the locals for a while.

One of the locals wasn't quite like the others

This is Ollie. He's quite old and very adorable. He enjoyed playing fetch with me and his Santa toy (which wasn't new and still had it's squeak!) and the usual tug of war games you play with dogs!

After a few drinks, we headed back to T's house for a bit of food and some fizz! I also got to catch up with mini-me, who is another year older and about 5 feet taller! She won't be mini me much longer!

I seemed to be there for not very long at all but the train I was going to catch came and went, so I decided to wait for the next one which came and went. I HAD to go for the last train so headed to the station with about 5 minutes to spare.

It didn't turn up. It was 35 minutes late. T's husband stayed with me, which was very kind of him but it was getting to the stage that I was going to be staying at their house. Thankfully I didn't need to and headed on the drunkards train home. I was tipsy but was positively sober compared to the others on the train!

I got home at about half 12 and Paul wasn't back from his Christmas party I text him, but got no went to sleep.

I woke up about 1.15 and he still wasn't in, so text him. Nothing.

I then fell asleep for a little while and woke to a missed call at 02:02am. Called Paul back. Nothing.

I was awake then.

Texts for a very long time. Finally got hold of him at 3:40am. He said he'd come home...



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