Monday, 22 December 2014

15th December 2014 - He is Batman.

Back down to earth once more with yet another bump. Sucky suckfest. Back to work it is!

It was a long day in the office and very busy. It's the last week all of us are in before the new year so got to get as much done as we can.

This wasn't helped by having some technical problems. Oh well.

After work I headed home for a nice long relaxing evening.

Paul was late getting in, which isn't good. I amused myself by lighting all the candles and watching crap on tv!

Pretty much at the bottom of these candles now. Two of them have leaked so much that they are nearly one!

Paul came in and opened his deliveries that arrived at my office while we were off last week. He forgot that the default address is my work. Oh well.

One of them was actually for his Christmas party last Friday but obviously he wasn't able to collect it in time.

Paul is Batman, everyone! Tell your friends you now know who it is!

We had a light dinner of omelette and watched Hawaii Five-0. I then did a few chores before heading to bed because we were both shattered.

Maia helped.

Yeah - real helpful kitten


She's just to darn cute to get chores done! I just want to snuffle that gorgeous ginger belly!



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