Wednesday, 24 December 2014

17th December 2014 - Shiny!

Back to work today and it was another busy one.

One of our flexi-time team of troops came in to do some file work for us which means we have more time to get other things done. It's great and we really appreciate it...except that the computer kept crashing, which hinders us somewhat.

Seriously, we lost our connection well over 20 times today. Productivity was awful. We were all cranky.

Couldn't stay too cranky for too long, though, as I had to head home sharpish to prepare for the last #Whedonsday of the year. The mid-season finale, if you like!

It was a good evening! We had fun, beer, laughs and Chris got the rest of his birthday present!

It's only a Serenity key chain! Isn't it lush?! I think Chris liked it, so SCORE!

We ate chilli and watched some very miserable episodes of Buffy and Angel. Way to peak before Christmas! Ah well!

Chris then left and we cleared up before heading to bed. I was sleeeeepy again! I don't think I'm getting enough sleep.



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