Thursday, 25 December 2014

18th December 2014 - Can't quite put my paw on what's wrong...

It's Thursday. Already!

Send some purrs to my bro who had tests done on his kidneys today and has to stay in hospital overnight. Not good. Hope the tests come back with good news.

Not much happened today except we all got really annoyed at our IT system as it kept crashing. Seriously, it was worse than yesterday. We couldn't get everything done that we wanted to and our productivity was really low. Not good when there are urgent things to do before Christmas.

After work I decided to head to the shops to have a look around and buy a last minute Christmas present for A as we didn't think until today to think of anything for him. We're bad staff!

I found a little something and T will get something else, so it's not too bad.

When I came home I decided that Barney needed to have some play time. He wasn't really sure what the game was...

Beep, you're supposed to chase it, not wear it. Although if he's starting a new kitty fashion craze, he is WORKING that boa!

Same old usual evening. Won't type it again.



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