Friday, 26 December 2014

19th December 2014 - Fizz Free Friday!

We had another day of rubbish internet at work. Seriously, dial up was more reliable than our broadband.

It was a long day. Really struggled to get anything done. Not good. Stupid computer.

The only redeeming factor of it was that because it was A's last day before Christmas, he brought wine!

We don't have wine glasses at the office so we had to put it in the champagne flutes!

It was nice wine! It went down a treat after the rubbish day we've had!

After work, Paul came to pick me up as we had a few jobs to do. We went via the supermarket and when we got home, it was time for some serious relaxation. I was Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two with a glass of mulled wine!

It's the end of the show tomorrow! Waaaa! No more Saturday night reality TV! What will we do on a weekend now? We already don't do anything in the week!

Maia also came for a cuddle. Which lead her to falling down the gap between my leg and the arm of the sofa!

She was very purry so clearly that's a good place to be!

We didn't stay up too late. Nice relaxing evening!



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