Saturday, 27 December 2014

20th December 2014 - Seriously...AGAIN?!

I woke up at about 5am with a hideous migraine.

I look lots of meds and lay down for a little longer. Paul got up and went to the cheese shop and chose some cheese for Christmas.

By the time he got back, I was feeling better so I got up too. I had remembered that I was crap and had forgotten to write & send pretty much any Christmas cards. Bad Caroline.

So I had to get them written and head out AGAIN. Into town. Yep - putting myself through the high street on the last Saturday before Christmas. Just after a migraine.

So I wrote the cards and noticed something wasn't quite right with one of them.

Someone needs to get fired for that. Do they not proof read?! Says someone who doesn't proof read...meh! I don't get paid to write this. I paid good money for that card!

So, Carlton Cards. I've even given you the bar code for the card to see if that helps you name and shame who made that mistake!

I got stuff done. Paul got stuff done. We were done!

We had a cheeky drink before heading to the car.

Doesn't look a lot but that's all done!

We got home and relaxed for a little while. It was very important to be lazy. I needed it!

We sat on the sofa and settled in for the Strictly final. Barney wasn't impressed by the lack of attention on him.

He took his star wand for a walk and dropped it by the front door! It's a subtle hint!

Paul made dinner while I was entertained by the dancing.

This is one of my favourite meals in the world and it was DE-LISH-US.

The dancing finished and the person I wanted to win won, so there was much to be happy about! Paul went to bed and I watched some random crap on tv for a little while. I then intended to head to bed...but fell asleep instead.



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