Monday, 29 December 2014

22nd December 2014 - Purrfect Presents!

Monday Monday. Yeah.

This week is going to be a weird week. One of those where you have no idea what day of the week it is!

Today wasn't an exception to this as it was our first day without A in the office.

It was a mental day. Lots of really important and difficult things that we have to deal with and have no idea how to do it! Most of it fell to T as she has far more experience of these things than me, which made her very stressed and grumpy. Can't blame her.

I helped where I could and stayed quiet the rest of the time. It didn't help that I was starting to feel a little under the weather. There has been a cold plaguing pretty much everyone recently and I think I am finally succumbing. Not impressed. Never mind!

I got a special delivery today! It was lost in the post (due to errors on my part and failure to return on the delivery company's part) but it arrived, finally, even though it was slightly battered. I don't mind as I am quite excited about it!

My first Cat Hampurr!

I have subscribed to get them bi-monthly, so have been eagerly awaiting this one! Shame it has been delayed but worth the wait!

I was looking forward to getting it home for the cats to see!

The cats were very excited to see the contents!

Here we are! Lots of yummy deliciousness for them to try, plus a squeeking toy and some catnip bubbles! This could be good!

They were definitely eager to explore!

The bubbles didn't want to bubble but we got there in the end. Maia is a little scared of them but Barney LOVES bubbles! The toy has also got their interest! We'll see what they make of the food very soon. It looks like the kind of food we are into now, rather than the crap they used to eat, so fingers crossed we have a few more options to explore if they like them!

After play time, I sat and vegetated on the sofa, feeling rather sorry for myself! Paul came home with some medicine for me to try to make me feel better, then we watched some tv for a while.

I then went to bed very early. Laying down (at a bit of an angle) felt much better. I needed lots of sleep and hopefully the medicine will help.



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  1. I had trouble with those bubbles too. 10+ years ago I had a bottle of bubblenip and my foster kittens at the time LOVED it.. I've bought bottles on and off over the years and haven't found a one that has bubbles with any staying power.. so disappointing..