Wednesday, 31 December 2014

24th December 2014 - Christmas Eve!

I had a RUBBISH sleep. Not good at all. I feel really poorly today. Not a very merry Christmas for me so far.

I headed to work ready for a full day of craziness, just like every other one so far this week. It wasn't quite so bad, but at the same time, some really urgent things came through very last minute. Grr.

We were then told by BigBoss T that we could leave whenever we wanted! GET IN! Except we had lots of urgent work to do. Booo.

We managed to get it done and were able to leave at around 1pm! That's good, right?!

I headed home but was not allowed into the bedroom as Paul was wrapping my Christmas presents. So I chilled downstairs and had some cereal until he was done.

We then packed up and headed over to Manchester to spend Christmas Eve with Paul's parents.

Maia wasn't best pleased with this deal!

She wasn't as bad as she can be in the car. Not as much singing as usual. Barney was quiet. Which is also good!

We got to Manchester at a decent hour and we did some sorting out of stuff. Paul got straight on with dinner while I sat in his bedroom remembering how loud his parents' house is. They like loud volume!

Paul made herby chicken with lemon risotto as a starter, which was delicious!

We had it last year too, if memory serves and it was just as yummy!

For main we had roast lamb which was also yummy. I didn't take a picture of that. I ate it too quickly!

We did the washing up and watched a little tv. It was soon time for bed as I was pretty exhausted. We have an early start tomorrow!



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