Monday, 1 December 2014

24th November 2014 - Ick.

Stupid back to work day. I hate this day! I was enjoying being a lady of leisure!

It was a busy day in the office. I came back to quite a lot of work and it takes you a little while to get back into the spirit of things after a week off.

Still, I could go home and have a nice relaxing evening, right?


You see one of our toilets broke yesterday. The cistern won't fill. Grrr. So we've had to call a plumber. Hopefully have one coming out on Wednesday to take a look at it. We figured while they are here, they can have a look at our kitchen sink which has been dripping for about 5 years - we've had to have a bucket underneath it for as long as I can remember in this house. Which is gross.

So I figured I should probably clean out under the sink. As I never have. Things have gone in but never come out...

Full of junk. Gross damp junk! Bleugh. Bin bags at the ready! Let's go!

Can't forget the rubber gloves!

It took me a little while and only a tiny bit (loads) of retching. Bleugh. It was gross. Still, I got it done and all before dinner! Go me!

It just needed to dry out a little and then is ready to go for when the plumber comes to visit in a couple of days!

We relaxed this evening with a bit of tv then headed to bed.



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