Tuesday, 2 December 2014

25th November 2014 - Pinned

*oops, forgot to hit publish. My bad!*

So Tuesday has come around. I woke up really uncomfortable. I was pinned down on the bed and unable to really move.

Maia wasin the crook of my legs and Barney did a mighty fine job of making sure my feet couldn't move. With Paul on the other side I was really stuck!

We got up and went to the gym once I managed to persuade the kittens to move, Well done us. I think we needed that!

We then went about our daily business, which was all very dull. I was getting more annoyed about some of the new stuff going on. We have some people from an external company coming to use our office to help us out, but instead of just taking up the spare office room, they are now starting to invade on our space, want us to move furniture around and my biggest gripe - they want the desk that is at the end of mine and Tracy's desks so they can fit more people in. Nothing to do with the fact that we use that desk as an extension of our very short desk. Grrr. While I'm all for help and assistance, taking our things is only a hindrance. No. Just no. PP...just no.


That was pretty much that for today. I came home, tidied up a little for the plumber coming tomorrow, we had dinner, caught up on some tv and headed to bed as we were both tired.

Nothing new there then!



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