Thursday, 4 December 2014

26th November 2014 - Grumpychops

*Another one which didn't publish. Silly me!*

We got to have a teeny tiny lie in this morning which was lovely. I do love a Wednesday. But then time for work rolls around far too quickly.

It was even more difficult to leave for work, as when I walked out the door and turned to lock it, I noticed this on my front windowsill!

They never sit downstairs and look out the window (which is a bit of a blessing, as they've destroyed the blinds upstairs!) so to see both of them watching me leave made me want to come straight back inside and cuddle them both!

I did go to work and had a productive morning. Only morning though, as I was on a half day so got to come home at lunch time! Yay for using up the rest of holiday allowance! :)

The plumber only said he was coming Wednesday afternoon. No idea what time. So I was able to clear up the last few things and sit and chill. Except the plumber still hadn't arrived. I got bored. I didn't want to start watching something for him just to arrive and interrupt me. All I wanted to do was put on some comfy clothes and watch something that Paul had no desire in watching. Nope.

So I sorted through some work emails and got a few little bits and bobs done towards catching up on what I missed while I was off last week.

Paul came home at about 4pm saying that the plumber would be another hour or so. So I sat on the sofa with him, both working and waiting.

Still nothing.

5pm came and went.

5.30pm came and went.

6pm came and went.

As you can imagine, I was not a happy bunny. I still wanted to go put my cozy clothes on and go to bed as I wasn't feeling amazing. Still cannot. Grr. I started pacing the floor.

6.30pm came and went.

Paul started dinner as he was hungry.

I watched some old eps of Big Bang Theory to try to distract me. It wasn't working.

at 6 bleedin' 45 they turned up. 2 chaps came in and looked at the lav. They couldn't fix it, saying a part was missing.

Once of them looked at the sink and sorted the drip on that. So job 50% done.

He left it really filthy though. Don't want to remove the bucket just yet, just in case. Even though these chaps seem just stellar. Hmph.

They said they'd call us tomorrow and let us know if they could get the part for the cistern and if not, when we could expect them to be able to or what we can do next. I said I'd be in from about 5:15pm so someone would be here all evening.

When they left, we ate our slightly cold dinner, watched some more tv then headed to bed.



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