Thursday, 4 December 2014

27th November 2014 - Fluff and nonsense!

Another day came around. I had not slept well and did not feel very well at all. My throat was really sore and my sinuses were painful. GREAT. Just what I need.

Headed to work to spread my germs on everyone and get more stuff done. It was a fairly productive day, except the wife of the landlord decided to put the Christmas tree up. Yeah. We all know my views on that one. It's still bleedin' November. Bah humbug. It's only because next door put theirs up. It's not a competition! Can't we just judge them for peaking too soon? Grr.

I came home and waited to hear from Paul as to whether the plumbers were coming. He said he hadn't heard anything so I got on with my day. I was going to do some ironing but really didn't feel like it so instead I did some work upstairs on the bed.

It came time for dinner so made myself a nice cheesy omelette for my tea!

See how big, light and fluffy that us I'm really proud of it! Slightly too much ketchup, mind. Oops.

Paul wasn't as late home as I thought he was going to be, so we relaxed for a while, watched some tv and then went to bed. So pretty much the same as every night then!



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