Sunday, 7 December 2014

29th November 2014 - Happy Caturday!

We woke up and were not in the best place, health wise. We were both a little worse for wear. Oops.

Plus my migraine came back. Just awesome. I should have known. Cheese and fizz. Well done Caroline. At least we remembered to go to the shop on the way home and get milk for the much-needed brews.

I was a little chilly, so decided that my new toy, the heated throw I bought yesterday, needed to get an airing! I also wanted to see if the cats would enjoy it. Ha. Like there was any doubt!

Maia was first up. She was initially apprehensive. But then I think she realised it is awesome.

That's a happy kitty right there!

Next was Barney's turn. Another apprehensive kitty...but he warmed to the throw (lol!) sooner than Maia!

You'd better believe this belly got a LOT of kisses. Because he was so contented, he didn't mind!

Those are two contented kittens right there! I'd say that the throw was a huge success!

Paul had to go to the football, leaving me on my own. So I took the throw downstairs and did as I generally seem to do when I'm on my own and get the ironing done!

Barney joined me.

He really does like the throw! Plus he was cuddling the white blanket at the same time. So cute!

Goofy chops!

My head still wasn't great and I got the majority of the ironing done but not all of it. I took more medication and decided to curl up on the sofa for a while to sleep off the pain. My turn to get cozy on the throw!

Barney joined me for a while but decided that he couldn't relax as much as he wanted. When I got up to make some honey and lemon I found him on the packet that the throw came in!

Possibly one of the best pictures I have of Barney! Shame the rest of the kitchen is a mess!

Paul told me he was on his way home and had bought some new work shirts so I didn't rush to finish the ironing, knowing that I would need to do those shirts as well when he came in. I got most of it done and a couple of the new items before dinner. Then Paul took over and finished off as my head still wasn't right.

I had lit the candles to make everything all warm and pretty when I noticed that they had all gone a bit...drippy...

They had dripped so much that two of them had fused together! I'm a little sad that it's dripped over the wood but at the same time, it kinda looks cool. Maybe I'll leave it. Not sure yet.

Paul stayed up to watch the football but I went to bed. I really need this head pain to do one now.



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