Wednesday, 10 December 2014

2nd December 2014 - Brr and Ouch

Even though it didn't seem like the sort of thing we wanted to do this morning, we got up and went to the gym! Neither of us were very inclined to go but we did and we were glad we did afterwards!

The downside to going to the gym is that it does make me have to rush a little when getting ready to go to work, so when feeding the cats quickly before leaving, I hurt myself. :(


Really deep cut on the tip of my index finger. Which, as it turns out,  need quite a lot when typing. Especially as it's on my left hand and I am left handed. I might have made lots of wimpery noises all day when aggravating it! It wouldn't stop bleeding and I'm a wimp!

T was off today and tomorrow so I was able to sing to myself all day in the office! Yeah, I do that. A is at the other end of the corridor so can't hear me. This is very much a good thing.

After work I headed home and had a little cuddle with my kitties and tried not to cut myself again when feeding them. Then I needed to find the perfect outfit for our evening activity!

I was successful, Paul came home, got changed and headed back out on our Tuesday night adventure.

We got stuck in traffic which was not good but we stuck with it and eventually reached our destination with very little time to spare!

Yep - Paul took me to see the football at Old Trafford. Manchester United vs Stoke City.

I was a bit bored in the first half as Manchester United had most of the possession which meant that the ball was at the opposite end of the pitch to where we were sitting so I couldn't really see. I am so used to watching on tv that I forget I have to pay attention to where the ball is!

See - the seats are right on the corner so when al the action is over the other side, it's a bit boring! Well - for me as a neutral fan on this occasion!

The second half was far more interesting as the ball was down this end of the pitch so I could see what was going on!

Then it was time for the long journey home. Great. This made it a very late night for us.

We got in and had a peppermint tea before heading to bed. Tomorrow could be interesting. Zzzzz.



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