Sunday, 7 December 2014

30th November 2014 - Laze

It's another bad day. Woke up STILL with my migraine. I do wish it would do one, as it's driving me bonkers.

I was a little lazy this morning, as you can imagine I would need to be. I really didn't feel well at all.

We eventually decided to get up. Paul went shopping and I sorted some washing. Once he got back, he brought in a little gift for us that we had to enjoy this afternoon...

Guardians of the Galaxy! The truth is, we ordered it to be delivered on the day of release but Amazon lost the parcel. No lie. It got taken to Wigan, then to Hemel Hempstead, then back to Wigan where they had a quick game of pass the parcel with it and then it was lost. We pay for Prime. We are not amused.

We started watching it and Barney came to join us for a while until he had quite enough of that and went to curl up somewhere he NEVER goes.

I have to be honest - I don't think I have ever seen him in there! I didn't think he would actually fit in there! Still - glad another part of the cat castle is being used from time to time. If only I could get one of them in the hammock, it would be perfect!

Paul was feeling sleepy so he took himself off to bed for a little nap. I stayed up, channel hopping under the heated throw. Yeah, I love it too.

Barney came for a cuddle! It was nice!

My head still wasn't great and I was getting rather annoyed at it as I was running out of options as to what I could take. There's no point re-taking migraine tablets if they haven't worked once. There was one brand of tablet I hadn't taken yet but I couldn't find it anywhere, even though I knew I had some.

Paul woke up and started on dinner - we were having roast beef and all the trimmings! YUM!

I was now desperate for medication and no shops would be open for me to buy some. I emptied my medicine drawer sending pleas to any entity who would listen to find me some pain killing medication.

Someone listened. I found an old migraine nasal spray that I had been given to try a few years ago. Checking the date on it, the use by was the end of November 2014. Also known as today. It was fate that I should find it and need to use it today! I took it and went to have my dinner,.

The thing with nasal sprays is that once you've sprayed them up, they tend to go down your throat. This medicine tasted DISGUSTING. So it prompty ruined my roast beef dinner. No amount of mustard or horseradish would rid my mouth of the taste. Bleugh. Still - if it worked, I would be happy.

We watched tv, the results shows of the reality tv, then headed to bed. I need to sleep this head pain off.



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