Wednesday, 10 December 2014

3rd December 2014 - Pickly Goodness.

Thank goodness today is Wednesday so we don't have to feel bad about staying in bed as long as possible. Well - for me anyway. Paul had to get up early and go back over to Manchester!

I stayed in bed as long as was allowed then got up and got ready for work. I expected to be tired all day but I didn't do too badly and got quite a lot of stuff done!

Then home pretty sharpish to make sure the house was ship shape for #Whedonsday! Both Chris and Paul were late getting in which meant I started napping a little on the sofa. Oops. I woke and was the life and soul of the party. Honest!

Paul then brought out some poppadoms and chutney with lime pickle. Yeah. Like a moth to a flame I was drawn in and devoured far more than I probably should have!

No idea where that Neighbours Spoon has come from. I've never been to Australia, let alone to the Neighbours set. Hmmm. Any ideas, anyone?

#Whedonsday was fun, as ever, and as soon as it was all over with and our guest left we cleared up a little and then headed to bed.



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