Sunday, 14 December 2014

7th December 2014 - Fun Time Sunday!

We decided to have a bit of a chill out today, because we can. It's a much needed staple of our weekend!

Barney also felt the need to relax. He's had a hard week. It's really hard being a Barney.

At least he takes the time to get clean!

We sat, watched tv and drank some bucks fizz because that's how we roll on our relaxing Sunday. It was good! I really enjoyed myself!

We then had a hot date to attend so had to get ready!

We got there handy and had a little drinky while we waited, then ordered our interval beverages while we were there!

We had pretty good seats, which we were happy about!

The warm-up act was very good. I think we had seen him before, the last time that we saw Omid on tour. He was funny and sang some comedic songs but all too soon he was done and the lights came up and the fire curtain came down. Interval? We checked and it was! Already! So we went to get our wine.

Loads of people probably missed their drinks though. Oops for them.

Omid was his usual funny self and we laughed a lot! After the show he was doing a book signing so we decided to get one and got a dedication!

Naturally, I asked if I could have a picture taken with him and he agreed!

Didn't agree to the random photobomber in the back ground but I'm sure I can photoshop him out!

After the gig we went home and chilled a little before heading to bed. It was a bit late at this point.



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