Monday, 15 December 2014

8th December 2014 - The start of A mental time!

So I have another week off work! It's all good! I have the holiday to use so why not take a week just before Christmas?! Even though it's only been 2 weeks or so since my last week off...but meh! Never mind!

We slept in a little then made plans to head into town to do the shopping that we didn't do on Saturday!

We got some done, which is an improvement on the other day!

We had a quick sandwich then headed on a bit of a road trip to Warrington where we had to get a few things from Ikea and take a trip to a nice big toy store to look for something for Ted for Christmas.

The weather has been all over the place the last few days which was proven by the weather that we saw on one short trip down the motorway!

Bright blue sky and rainbow over a cloudburst quickly followed by torrential rain! It stayed that way for the rest of the day! Not fun!

When we got home we had another relaxing evening in front of the tv.

Having seen something that was quite amusing on facebook, we decided to put a Christmas hat on the corner of the tv and then we could lol whenever it looked like someone on the tv was wearing a santa hat.

We tested it with Hawaii 5-0.

Frankie Valli was our first suckah!

Almonst perfect, no?

Manchester United were playing tonight and Paul wanted to watch that. He could only watch it on the iPad, so I was left a little bored.

So I watched Veronica Mars on the DVDs that I received in the mail today! Early Christmas present to me!

Made even funnier by Sheriff Don Lamb!

Yes Daddy Mars. You can laugh at him. He deserves it! :)



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  1. I like the rainbow.. but the hat idea.. genius! lol love it