Tuesday, 16 December 2014

9th December 2014 - 7 Years!

Today is the 7th anniversary of mine and Paul's first date. It's also the 3rd anniversary of the night we got engaged! So yay for this day! :)

To celebrate, we decided to take a rail trip to Chester!

We got there at lunch time, had a little look around and a bite to eat, then decided what we wanted to do. We chose a walking tour of the city, which should be interesting!

We had a little time to kill, so looked at the items on sale at the Christmas markets and noticed these live owls on display. They weren't for sale but sure were pretty!

This one really creeped me out. It's the first time I've seen an owl move it's head completely around and it fixed it's glare on me. It was really freaky!

After our tour, where we were the only ones and learnt a lot, we needed to get out of the really high winds. What better place than a marquee selling...yep, you guessed it, mulled wine!

Windswept Paul with his cup!

My cup being all arty!

From there, we were feeling a little peckish, so headed to a place called Kash (we went during our wedding planning visits to Chester a couple of years ago!) for some food. I've been promising Paul we'd come back and have burgers here since that trip many moons ago, and finally I have kept my promise!

My burger was chilli con carne and cheese. It was yummy!

Paul had a ridiculously hot burger which was actually really good. He polished off the lot as well!

Tres delish!

We came home and back into the welcome warmth of the house. We watched a little more tv before heading to bed.

Veronica's turn to wear the Santa hat!



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  1. Happy Anniversary. :) me and mine started dating six months after his birthday, so we got married six months after mine..