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25th December 2014 - Merry Tedmas! **Picture Heavy Post**

Merry Christmas!

Early morning! I didn't sleep great, waking up every couple of hours. Not fantastic when you have a mad couple of days to follow!

Oh well.

Paul and I had a brew and exchanged presents. He was very happy with his and I loved mine also! I didn't take a photograph of them, but they mostly involved denim goods!

I showered and repacked everything then we filled the car to the brim and headed down the motorway to Lichfield to see my parents!

It was a fairly easy journey, except for some hideous rain around Crewe, made even more awesome by our choice in audio entertainment for the trip!

We like a good road trip CD. This one is quite a good one!

We got to Lichfield and had a brew at Mum and Dad's house, I ironed my top (long story), we cuddled their kitties, then we headed over to my bro and sis's house for Christmas Day shenanigans!

I can say that, as there is little to no evidence of what went on. There are a lot of pictures to follow...but they are all very similar.

Guys, there's something I haven't said in a while...



It's been a while, so I think you need to be re-introduced to my super cute nephew on his very first Christmas! Everyone - it's Edward!

This gorgeous little munchkin LOVES looking at himself in the phone if you have the front facing camera on. So guess who had the front facing camera on her phone pretty much all day? That's right - Auntie Whiney! :)


He had a nap not long after we got there so we were able to talk like grown ups for a little while! There were 7 adults (Me, Paul, Mum, Dad, Michael, Annabel and Judy - Annabel's Mum) and the men were in the kitchen doing all the cooking whilst us girlies were watching whatever was on the TV!

When Ted woke up and came downstairs, he had a whole new abundance of energy to show off, including his little commando crawl which is super cute (pretty much everything he does is super cute!) so I had to get it on video, of course!

I just love this little dude!

I could watch these videos for EVER!

After some good play time, it was time for Christmas dinner! YAY! We had eaten some pate etc earlier on but the big show was about to commence!

A joined effort of my Dad and Paul, featuring superb pigs in blankets made by my bro! Well done, all! It was delicious! I just couldn't eat it all! It's not like me! I should invest in stretchy trousers for next year to fit more in!

Bellatrix decided to inspect the post-dinner carnage. She blessed the wine, which is good. Ok, she was really looking for scraps left over. She loves her food!

I did the non dish washer washing up and Mum dried. We had to tell Michael to go and sit down and relax for a while. He's still healing from his biopsy last week. It didn't take too long. Thank goodness for dish washers! Think we're going to want one for our next house!

Then it was back for more play time! Grandma Hartley got in on the action as well this time!

This is Ted's little dance. It's very cute. Obviously.

AH! SQUEE! Look how happy he is! Annabel, if you're reading this. please go and give him a big kiss from me! Just coz!

Cue montage of happy faces made by Google!
Thank you, Google!

Ted will be 10 months old on New Year's Day. He LOVES being on his feet and sort of knows what to do to walk. Obviously, it's too advanced for him at this point, but just standing up is a joy to him!

All smiles! :)

Two of the other residents of the Hartley Household were present and observing the Christmas festivities!

Bellatrix is a very social cat and loves attention and fuss. Boris is more an observer but is also a little flirt and a very handsome man cat!

So Ted got to open his presents from Auntie Whiney and Uncle Dino. One was chosen by Paul specifically for Ted and the other was bought on request from Mummy.

We bought Ted his first drums! There are other instruments in there but the drum and the tambourine were instant hits!

It's good to see him actually liking what we have bought him!

We also bought him Elvis the Activity Elephant, seen here on top of the drum. This isn't as fun as the drum kit, so off Elvis went!

Me thinks he loves his drum. I like to think he's giving it a big kiss...not just putting his mouth on it like kids do. That's definitely an 'I love my drum' kiss! :)

Unsurprisingly, but a little amazingly, given the noise, my Dad fell asleep. The other men in my life found this hilarious.

Yep - that happened. We were going to change his Facebook picture to it, but thought that would be cruel!

Mum decided that we should get a picture of her and Ted with sleepy Granddad. OK.

Ted then wanted to explore why Granddad wasn't joining in on play time!

There's only one thing for it: we're going to have to crawl on Granddad.

Ted kept touching Dad's face. Much to the amusement of my Mum who was in her annual fit of giggles!

Thank you for the montage again, Google!

You do see correctly. Ted is groping at my Dad's mouth and my Dad is still sound asleep!

Nearly a fish-hook there, Ted! Still no response from Granddad!

Hahahahahahahahaha! He did not wake up at all during this interaction!

Ted went for his bath and then to bed where he did NOT want to sleep. Poor Michael and Annabel! We stayed downstairs and had a chat.

Dad only woke up with the promise of cheese and port. We had cheese and port and Paul tried to persuade Mum and Dad to come out to stay with us in France next year. Hmmm.

Mum and Dad left, then we retired to the living room and watched Star Trek which was on tv. The original Trek and TNG were always on in the house when we were growing up so there is no surprise that I could easily sit and watch this with my bro!

Paul was tired and went to bed. Annabel watched most of it then too, went to sleep, knowing she'd be up in the night a couple of times with Ted. Michael and I watched to the end of the film then also went to bed.

Bellatrix was already snoozing.

It's 9pm. Lame.


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