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26th December 2014 - Boxing Day (AKA Tedmas 2)

I had a lousy night's sleep. Tradition states this. I always seem to be ill at Michael and Annabel's house!

I got up in the night to cough and it was so bad I made myself sick. TMI? Maybe. I went downstairs as I didn't want to disturb the baby. I heard him a couple of times but he didn't cry - more just made noise! It's cute, as a guest. I'm sure that's not the case as the parent when you're getting a good sleep!

I then had to get up and find a glass to get some water for Paul as he was starting to feel a bit poorly. Whether it's the wine or my cold, who knows. I furnished him with water and got a little more sleep.

I told Annabel last night that Paul normally wakes up early and goes downstairs to watch tv. Well, it was me today. I was up early and chilling in the living room when Annabel came down with my well rested little pal!

So we gave him one of his new toys (this egg thing with chicks in love it apparently!) and let him play!

As with yesterday, the front facing camera was ever present, and this morning he was just as smiley at himself as he had been yesterday!


We were happily playing, and I tried to take a picture of how happily he was playing when he looked up at me like this...

I mean...just...AW!

Elvis also got a little bit of action as well!

Elvis has a mirror on his side, so that got lots of smiles, which is good!

Yeah, there are a million Ted pictures, but I can't resist sharing them!

The many selfie faces of Ted J Hartley!

Nummy Eggy toy!

Obligatory Ted playing video!

Bellatrix was also keeping us company this morning...loving the nip, as ever. She positively destroyed the neatly contained scratching post to get to the leftover nip! She's a nip fiend!

She's just so cute!

Paul has caught my lurgy, which is naturally the end of the world. He stayed in bed as long as possible and had some medicine with breakfast.  He had a lot of driving to do, so I had to go along with what he wanted.

We got on our way at around 11, with a quick stop at the shops to get a few bits and bobs before starting up the M6. There was a fair bit of traffic on the motorway, so we stopped so Paul could have a coffee to perk himself up a little.

We then carried on to my Aunt's house near Preston for the Hartley family party, made extra special because it's the first time that they got to meet Ted! Very special!

Any excuse for a Ted selfie, complete with Christmas cracker hat and reindeer jumper!

Everyone was understandably smitten with our new family member and he was all smiles for them, not at all scared, which is really nice!

Here is with some presents from his Great Uncle and Auntie. Lolz. They won't like me saying that! He seemed to like them very much and was talking to them, which is uber cute!

Scary Auntie Whiney doesn't get smiles when in pictures!

Just to prove there were other people at the family party, not just Ted, here's a view of the room!

The adorable Emile and Jacob as fun as ever!

We all got our Secret Santa presents...when I say all, me and my Aunt had an IOU as Santa forgot our gifts! Oh well, means Christmas lasts a bit longer!

So my gift can be more pictures of Ted!

Grandma Hartley and Ted having a few giggles!

...and more giggles. Grandma Hartley certainly likes playtime with Ted!

We did give other people a go. He wanted to play with my cousin Karen as well!

By play with Karen, it probably meant pull her hair! He's not too violent with it though, and is so very cute!

Mum soon got him back though, and posed him for a cuddle with my cousin Adam!

They didn't stay much longer as it's a two hour drive back for them. Ted was getting tired so would hopefully sleep in the car.

One last Ted selfie?

Complete with photobomb from Granddad Hartley in the background!

Going to miss his little face now! Christmas is definitely much better with little ones around!

We didn't stay much longer either as we needed to head over to Blackpool for the Kirkham family party!

There were cocktails and lots of play time with the adorable twins S and O, plus lots of girly talk with my little flowergirl S, who is turning into a little lady and is very beautiful!

I got turned into aliens, dogs, chickens etc far more times than I can count but it's all good. I also got to play with the giant Asali, who featured in last year's post which you can see below. Last year I took a photo of her giant puppy paw. 1 year later and it's a little bigger!

2013 on the left. 2014 on the right. She's deffo growing!

Paul wasn't feeling particularly amazing or social so we only stayed for a couple of hours. We had heard rumours of snow falling, especially in the Midlands and we didn't want to get caught in it if it spread up north.

There was a bit of sleet, but not too bad. Paul came in and made himself a hot toddy, getting changed into something a little more comfortable.

See those Avengers 'lounge pants'? Yep - they're from me! You're welcome, Paul!

Avengers, coincidentally, was on the tv! Despite having watched it at least a million times already, we watched it again!

Maia was very happy to see us. Mostly because it meant that she got fed!

Barney and I had a little bit of play time. It was then that I realised that he wasn't all 'butter won't melt' as he had been a naughty boy. Again.

He loves white wires and had set to on Paul's Mum's phone charger. He has done this before with her camera wire during our wedding. He's so naughty. I gave her my phone wire which is identical as an apology. He's so bad.

We watched the movie and then it was time for Match of the Day so I headed to bed. Hopefully to get more sleep than the last couple of nights!



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