Saturday, 3 January 2015

27th December 2014 - Meow

Not a bad sleep, which is good! Barney woke me up just before 6 by 'singing' at the other end of the corridor, outside Paul's parents' room. They got up not much after as the heating had gone off so they needed to go into the loft to fix it. The ladder is loud. Paul's Dad is loud. Don't think they're used to other people being in the house. Oh well.

Paul got up and I lazed in bed for as long as I could justify then started packing up some of our things as we intended to come home today.

Maia was judging me. She doesn't want to leave. She loves it here.

Barney in his usual position on top of the wardrobes!

We managed to get out the house by 11am, which seems quite early but it is good! We never seem to get out early!

Maia really wasn't happy about it at all.

This is her being quiet, would you believe?! She was very vocal the whole way home. Barney joined in for a while, tag-team meowing. It makes me feel so guilty!

When we got in, the house was cold. I called my Mum as they had discovered a leak when they got in last night, probably due to the snow, and then we made a decision to vegetate for the rest of the day.

We also opened one of my Christmas presents from our investigators at work.

Lots of yummy goodness in here!

We rested and relaxed. We generally didn't really do a lot at all today!

We decided that as Paul still isn't feeling 100% that we would get a takeaway curry and watch TV. We would have gone out but the thought of going out wasn't overly appealing!

Our starter. Tandoori goodness!

We ate quite a lot, to say it arrived half an hour earlier than we had wanted it to! We watched tv, catching up on some of our shows, then headed to bed as we were both shattered. So back to normality then!



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