Sunday, 4 January 2015

28th December 2014 - About Time.

We had another lazy morning. It's Sunday...I's so easy to lose track of days over we felt we deserved it!

Paul had football to watch, and me...well...I didn't really have anything. So I decided that the best thing for today would be...

Lord of the Rings Marathon! WHOOP! It's been so long since we've done one of those!

Paul watched football downstairs and I watched Lord of the Rings upstairs! I was a happy camper!

Barney spent most of the day being cute and curled up on the heated throw!

Maia spent most of the morning on the window, over the radiator, warming her belly! I don't know why but I thought this pic would look better in black and white! Probably because it hides the hideous state that the blinds and window are in. We have two cats. We can't have nice things.

Fellowship seemed to be over very quickly so I moved on to Two Towers. I have seen this movie more than any other in the world, ever. No lie. I could probably quote it in my sleep!

Barney's belly was a little distraction. The fact that he has rolled onto his back indicates that Paul came to join us in watching Two Towers!

We also needed to roll with tradition in another sense...

There had to be fizz. A - because it's Sunday, B - because we're having a LotR marathon, and C - it's Christmas. Kinda.

Work schmirk tomorrow!

We watched tv and ate pasta bake for dinner as Paul didn't feel like cooking - he's still pretty poorly.

He ended up going to bed at the end of Two Towers. I carried on watching Return of the King, but stopped when I had to change the disc to go to bed myself. It was getting late. I failed in the mission of watching it all in one day but then again, we did start quite late. Imagine when I have all 3 extended Hobbit movies to watch as well! That's going to be one weekend bonanza! :) I can't wait! :)



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