Tuesday, 6 January 2015

30th December 2014 - Treats!

Another morning to wake up and go to work. I am less than enthused about this plan, I have to be honest.

Work was so quiet. REALLY dull. 1 phone call all day and that was at 9am on the nose. I sat, listened to music, did loads of little jobs that needed to be done and generally kept myself occupied, wishing I was at home.

I think today's calendar entry is talking about Barney, just as yesterday's was!

I also realised that I'm a big ninny and forgot to bring any food for myself to enjoy at lunch time. I had to tide myself over somehow and there was only one edible thing available to me.

I snacked on custard creams. I LOVE CUSTARD CREAMS. I only had 4, which I consider an achievement.

BigBoss T was hanging around again, much like yesterday, and once again was stunned that we were open considering how quiet it is. So today he let me go at 1!

Paul picked me up and I vegetated a little. He was working downstairs so I occupied myself with my book upstairs. I also decided to have a bath, which was rather nice.

We then did our usual tv, dinner, bed combo, which works so well for us. We were naughty and did have a cheeky glass of wine as well. Well, it's Christmas after all! Sort of...

Just discovered that this is my 900th post! Wow. That's a lot of me talking about eating dinner, watching tv and going to bed! Can't believe there are 900 of these!



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