Thursday, 4 July 2013

02/07/2013 - Tiresome Tuesday

We were so bad this morning. Well. Kinda bad. We got up to go to the gym. My legs were tired and Paul's back was sore. So we went back to bed instead of going to the gym. Koran cancelled boxing later so I am gym-free today. Naughty.

So I got to work at a decent hour and got quite a lot done. My boss was there. He kept giving me more work. My work load was never ending. It was getting me really quite stressed. I don't need this this week!

I came home to a lovely surprise. Paul had done some ironing! This NEVER HAPPENS!


Sadly for me, there was still more to do, and as it was all mine, it really needed to get done! So I got cracking on it!

Paul needed to pop out to get some bits and bobs for dinner, so I took a break and hopped on his laptop to do Monday's blog update! Yeah. Not easy.

On Paul's laptop I use Firefox so we can keep our favourites etc separate from each other to make life easier.

Easier. Ha. Yeah. Not so much.

Every few words I typed, this happened:

ARGH! It took probably over half an hour to write that post. It was driving me bonkers. Why did I think leaving my own laptop in the office was a good idea?

I got back on with the ironing, after a lot of grumping and huffing and puffing. Ironing seemed far more preferable after that blogging experience!

So I am in a bad mood at this point.

Even Maia-in-a-box couldn't lighten my mood!

 She is cute though.

Paul took pity on me. After my stressful day and a very healthy dinner, we had a little treat.

 These. Are. Amazing.

I could have eaten both of these without a second thought.

I mean, LOOK AT IT!

Even typing this now, I am dribbling!

Once the ironing was done, it was time to head to bed as I was tired. Long week ahead!

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