Monday, 15 July 2013

10/07/2013 - Mes vacances: Cinquième jour

Today we were planning on a nice train journey. The train runs right along the coast over towards Monaco.

That didn't happen. Paul's dad was feeling better and decided that he wanted to fix his car, so commandeered Paul into helping him by finding somewhere they could go to buy a jack so they could raise the car and get wheels off.

I don't really understand what they did to the car, so guess what? I sat and read some more! I sat in the sunshine and topped up my tan! Not a bad way to spend the day.

Unfortunately the car thing took longer than intended, so we didn't get our train trip, which I'm actually a bit gutted about, but there will always be another time I'm sure. Instead we enjoyed the sunshine from our balcony.

We also visited the Supermarche to get some supplies, and some beer, of course.

Some nice beer, and Paul's reading choice of the holiday. He enjoyed it a lot.

 Another malty discovery of Paul's. He enjoyed this too. It wasn't bad, actually!

We decided to head into Nice for our dinner, and found a nice Italian (!) restaurant for some scran. Paul had a rather enormous paella, full of mussels, shrimps and the like. Death on a plate for me but he seemed to enjoy it! I had veal milanese which was very dry but enjoyable all the same.

After a non-boozy tiramisu (which is a shame) we went for a walk into Nice. There was some live music playing as part of the Jazz festival that was going on there, so we thought we'd check it out.

People were stood round the fountain in the square listening to the music. We couldn't see anything but we sure could hear it. The chap was singing in English. We worked out that it was John Legend!

If you don't know who John Legend is, this is one of his songs:

Ordinary People by John Legend.

After listening for a while, we decided to head back to the apartment for a nightcap before heading to bed. 

And that's it. Another day done.

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